The AbanteCart Version 1.1.9 is now available

  • Tuesday, 13 May 2014 03:59
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The AbanteCart version 1.1.9 and upgrade package is now ready

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.9 and upgrade package. The distribution package can be downloaded or the upgrade can ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend you try the upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

AbanteCart version 1.1.9 with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and improvements summary:

  • New account activation verification via email 
  • Storefront menu to support font icons and custom HTML
  • New AbanteCart marketplace integration
  • Storefront API Update
  • UI Improvements
Bug fixes and improvements Core:
  • memory usage improvement (index.php + init.php)
  • alanguage fix related to browser language detection
  • aform fix related to error message of regexp check
  • acache permissions set for nested dirs changed
  • AMessage changes related to repetitions of message
  • captcha image output fix related to http-compression
  • AConnect default timeout for curl fix
  • Fix for getting of unique seo keyword
  • AFilter fix related to overriding of data in constructor
  • fixes related to AttributeManager getAttributes method changes.
  • database now use utf8_general_ci collation by default
  • Fix for language object name conflict
  • To improve performance, auto update currency now off by default

Control Panel

  • added package manager "phar" usage for unpacking of archives
  • Resource Library Awesomefont Icons support and improvements
  • Fix for single letter domain name for email validation
  • Fix for empty comment in order email
  • CKEditor fix for <i> tags
  • Grouped options values fix
  • removing downloads fix
  • now admin can go directly to mail form from customers grid to send message for customer(s)
  • user group, permissions grid sorting fix
  • Fix for product option global attribute list limitation in select-box.
  • Resource library improvments
  • Adding clone button to product edit page
  • Better selection of newsletter mail groups


  • Direct product access if search result brings single product
  • Fix for breadcrumb in SEO URL mode.
  • sale/mail fix related to sender errors.
  • mailer subscription fix
  • Storefront API improvements. 
  • product options display fix related to zero quantity
  • href for logo changed to store url from settings (seo related)
  • order download expire date fix
  • unknown ajax error alert fix of default_html5 template
  • Fix related to API and zone bug
  • Fix for missing totals on checkout page if estimate is disabled.
  • Categories storefront view fix (in case of status OFF)
  • Add capture to newsletter subscription


  • paypal pro fix related to price rounding and total amount of order
  • encryption_manager sql fixpre-release minor fixes and cleanup
  • HTML decoding for bank transfer details
  • payment update to supper pending review.

Installation :

  • fix of session name for php as cgi mode

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