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API Manual and reference guide


AbanteCart Storefront API is included in core code distribution starting version 1.0.0. API is RESTful based with JSON as a primary data document format. API supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols along with extra security if using API key configured in the control panel of AbanteCart.

API build to provide same features as regular AbanteCart storefront and offer remote or mobile platforms to access shopping cart and perform light weight eCommerce requests.

API includes product (catalog) and customer side support. These includes browsing categories, products, attributes as well as create new customer account, login, add to cart and place orders.

AbanteCart API is optimized to perform light and fast responses to the client’s requests.
API rt routes are explicit and start with a/... , example, a/product/product

Enable API:
By default API is disabled. To enable the API, you need to locate Control Panel (admin) settings -> API section and enable API. If you want to restrict public access with secret key you can save it in settings. This key will need to be provided with every API request.

NOTE: API is currently in a beta mode. Use caution to enable it on live sites and use API key.

For more details go to API Manual and reference guide

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