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  • Wednesday, 14 May 2014 12:46
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AbanteCart recently released a new marketplace for its open source ecommerce application. With the new marketplace, all AbanteCart users can acquire and install additional features to extend their shopping cart functionality. Marketplace offers equal opportunity for all developers to share their extensions with AbanteCart users and gain reputation with high quality workmanship and outstanding service. With easy publishing and marketing tools, developers can post free or commercial extensions to the marketplace.

As an ecommerce platform for small to medium size businesses, AbanteCart provides features that benefit businesses and consumers. It is a flexible shopping cart application with a fast growing number of extensions, which can be easily set up and managed allowing users to add virtually any service or feature to Abantecart in the near future.

AbanteCart is totally free, and since it is supported by a reliable community, users can obtain free support on the forum and help others as well. With the ecommerce platform, anyone can begin selling services or product online. No special training or experience is needed and since there are many tools available in its control panel, AbanteCart can be used with ease. It can be set to perform anything that users need to have a successful internet business and with the constantly growing number of extensions, the shopping cart can certainly go beyond any limits. Owning and running AbanteCart will not set any limits on the size of one's product inventory, traffic amount, number of customers or any other form of limitations. AbanteCart is well designed to be fast running and low resource with guaranteed security to keep one's site protected. It is also a great addition to any ecommerce related service providers, considering it's an open source nature. Depending on the user's line of business, they can include their service into AbanteCart or incorporate the shopping cart into their service line. They can develop an extension for Abantecart and provide their services within an app itself. New business can also be realized with new consumers signing for hosting to use the shopping cart. Since the app is designed to be flexible, it can be configured to meet the different needs and requirements of businesses.

With a new marketplace, the AbanteCart community will grow even faster and will allow the ecommerce platform to become the most feature-complete ecommerce app on the market. Abantecart also welcomes any passionate designers, developers, technical writers and architects to help build Abantecart to be one of the leading ecommerce apps on the market.

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