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  • Thursday, 05 August 2021 00:00
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New AbanteCart v1.3.1 is officially released. AbanteCart v1.3.1 includes a number of improvements and fixes based on customer feedback.

Below are the release notes for version 1.3.1:

In this release:

  • Core: taskManager. fix of error output
  • Core: ALoader improvement. Added debug backtrace
  • Core: added Date product option type ACORN-108
  • minimal php version now 7.3.0
  • Core: ACart minor improvements
  • Core: core/lib/config.php fixes related to seo-postfix and config store id type cast
  • Core+ SF: changes related to virtual products purchasing (gift certificates etc)
  • Core: changes related to virtual products purchasing (gift certificates etc)
  • Core: changes related to AResource::getMainThumbList() method.
  • Core: add hook to category_top, category_bottom block and manufacturer page
  • Core: add hooks to fast checkout
  • Core: changes related to virtual products purchasing (gift certificates etc)
  • Core+ SF: changes related to virtual products purchasing (gift certificates etc)
  • Core: html-class improvement (number, email input types)
  • Core: AResource minor improvement
  • Core: core/engine/extensions reformatting
  • Core: ALayout improvement related to hooks
  • Core: AResource bug fix


  • Admin: general.js fix related to tasks ACORN-554
  • Admin: collection controller fix
  • Admin: global search improvement, added search by sku ACORN-549
  • Admin: collection controller fix
  • Admin: email templates controller and model code improvements
  • Admin: fix related to cdn-image-downloads from import csv-file
  • Admin: fix related to categories separator in the products import
  • Admin: added hook calls into customer controller
  • Admin: order details minor improvement of tpl
  • Admin: added check for extensions layouts xml into template installation and template switch processes
  • Admin: fix for storefront_order_confirm email template
  • Admin: collection model fix
  • Admin: lib configManager fix
  • Admin: order totals grid improvement (related to predefined sort and calculation orders for balance and total)
  • Admin: collection form js-fix
  • Admin: language manager fix related to auto-translations
  • Admin: package manager fix. Added "tax" extension type + reformatting
  • Admin: sale/contact email RL-image's URL fix
  • Admin: product option value url fix
  • Admin: controller for downloading file improvement


  • improvement related to option value images
  • ACORN-561 guest and logged in customer sessions fix
  • fast checkout payment fix ACORN-560
  • Request add cost column method (#1485)
  • ACORN-559 fast checkout order summary tax display fix
  • ACORN-552 taxes report: incorrect orders count
  • Guest Checkout Create Account feature fix ACORN-557
  • ACORN-558 base product weight field description
  • upgrade scripts fixes
  • Add product option cost (#1484)
  • ACORN-553 banner group name issue fix
  • ACORN-551 "add to cart" buttons on home page blocks
  • #1472 typo fix
  • fix ACORN-548 embed: options values images
  • #1464 wordpress embed fast checkout buttons fix
  • #1483 embed fix
  • embed code default height fix
  • ACORN-550 Typed property ControllerPagesCatalogCollections::$error fix
  • #1472 fileinfo PHP extension check to the 1.3 installation and upgrade
  • #1464 mobile add to cart buttons fix
  • fix ACORN-255 Import wizard category split separator
  • ACORN-547 FastCheckout fix
  • #1482 WordPress 5.8 SameSite cookie issue
  • #1473 default_ups. reformatted code
  • #1472 system requirements refactoring
  • #1457 extra white space in front of the email headers
  • add hooks to admin order details and order invoice (#1480)
  • Storefront: order details minor improvement of tpls
  • Collection model fix
  • Account/logout controller improvement
  • Catalog/collection model fix
  • Rounding fix related to taxes and 3 digits after decimal points. ref. https://forum.abantecart.com/index.php?topic=9072.new;topicseen#new
  • add the label id and the additional hook (#1474)
  • add hook, change hook location and change private $error to public $error (#1469)
  • FastCheckout shipping method icon fix
  • add hooks to templates and admin product options page (#1467)
  • FastCheckout: added hook vars call into tpls


  • avatax improvement related to getting taxLines
  • FastCheckout stripe address line fix ACORN-318
  • Default Stripe minor fix ACORN-318
  • authorizenet error in php v8 (#1479)
  • FastCheckout. changed default sort order (run order) from 1 to 10
  • FastCheckout installation improvement (adding layouts to custom templates)
  • Pickup from Store use the store address for taxes

Where to download AbanteCart 1.3.1? 

AbanteCart v1.3.1 can be downloaded at Github

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.3.0 to new version 1.3.1 is now available.

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_131 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.3.1 and stay connected

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